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More About Granite

Granite Facts

  • Granite is a tough, durable rock composed primarily of three different minerals;

  • These minerals are easy to see due to their different colours;

  • The light gray, glass-like grains are quartz, and the black, flake-like grains are biotite or black mica;

  • Granite usually has a medium to coarse grained texture. Occasionally some individual crystals (phenocrysts) are larger than the groundmass in which case the texture is known as porphyritic;

  • Granite can be pink to dark gray or even black, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy;

  • Granite is an igneous rock and is formed from magma. Granitic magma has many potential origins but it must intrude other rocks;

  • Most granite intrusions are emplaced at depth within the crust, usually greater than 1.5 kilometres and up to 50 km depth within thick continental crust;

Granite Colours:

Below is a basic indication of the most popular granite colours available. Please note that a wider selection of colours is available that might not be included below:

Azul Aran
Azul Bahia
Baltic Brown
Black Absolute
Black Galaxy
Azul Aran - Granite Tops 1 Azul Bahia - Kitchen Tops 1 Baltic Brown - Granite Tops 2 Black Absolute - Limpopo Granite Black Galaxy - Kitchen Tops 2
Black Pearl
Blue Eyes
Blue Pearl
Crema Bahia
Crystal White
Black Pearl - Limpopo Tombstones Blue Eyes - Granite Tops Limpopo Blue Pearl - Kitchen Tops Limpopo Crema Bahaia - Tombstone Limpopo Crystal White  - Tombstone Prices Limpopo
Dakota Mahogany
Emerald Pearl
Giallo Veneziano
Imperial White
Indian Dakota
dakota Mahogany - Limpopo Tombstones Emerald Pearl - Limpopo Granite Tops Giallo Veneziano - Limpopo Kitchen Tops Imperial White -  Limpopo Granite Suppliers Indian Dakota - Limpopo Granite Tombstones Prices
Juperana Colombo
Juperana Florenzo
Juperana Arandis
Kashmir Gold
Kashmir White
Juperana Colombo - Limpopo Tombstones 1 Juperana Florenzo - Tickyline Granite Kitchen Tops Juperana Arandis - Limpopo Granite Kashmir Gold - Tickyline Granite Tops Kashmir White - Limpopo Granite Suppliers
Labrador Antique
Luna Pearl
Rosa Beta
Labrador Antique - Tombstones Luna Pearl - Tombstone Prices Multicolour - Tombstones in Limpopo Paradiso - Best Quality Kitchen Tops Rosa Beta - Limpopo Granite
Rosa Porrino
Santa Cecilia
Sapphire Blue
Shiva Yellow
Rosa Porrino - Best Quality Granite Tops Santa Cecilia - Top Quality Tombstones Sapphire Blue -  Limpopo Granite Tombstones Suppliers Shiva Yellow - Limpopo Tombstones 1 Shivakhashi - Best Tombstone Prices
Tan Brown
Toasted Almond
Tropical Brown
Tropical Green
Tan Brown - Limpopo Granite Toasted Almond - Limpopo Tombstones 2 Topazio - Limpopo Granite Specialists Tropical Brown - Best Limpopo Tombstone Prices Tropical Green - Granite Suppliers
Uba Tuba
Uba Tuba Butterfly
Verde Fontaine
Verde Marinache
Verde Maritaka
Uba Tuba - Quality Granite Tops Supliers Uba Tuba Butterfly - Widest Range Tomnstones Verde Fontaine - Tombstones 3 Verde Marinache - Genuine Granite Tombstones Verde Maritaka - Granite Specialists
Violetta - Limpopo Granite 4 Vyara - Granite Suppliers      

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